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 Who are the Krehbiel’s?
     We are teachers by profession and temperament.  Tony taught and administered computer science at Tulsa Community College since it opened in the early ‘70’s.  Judi taught 5th and 6th grade in the Bixby Publics Schools for 34 years.  Though we are retired, we’re as busy as ever.  Tony is a past national president of the Palomino Horse Breeders of America.  But, we have shifted from big horses to miniatures, which are so very much fun. 

What is Koi Country?
     We opened Koi Country in September, 1995.  But, our experiences with koi go back more than 30 years.  Our first koi pond was a 300 gallon galvanized stock tank buried in the back yard.  It wasn’t very successful, unless finding lots of things not to do can be called success.  We scoured the pet shops of Tulsa, happy to find any koi.  They were either black or “polka-dotted.”
     Then we found Allen Hill, a Tulsa Koi Guru.  Not only did he teach us so much about koi keeping, he introduced us to Japanese Koi, a whole new ballgame.  It’s the Japanese who have put 400 years into developing stunningly beautiful “living jewels.”  Allen encouraged us to start a retail koi business in Tulsa in order to help people obtain good quality koi, to learn to keep them healthy, and to develop an easy to maintain and scientifically sound pond system.

     We import koi from reputable Japanese breeders whose government closely monitors koi health.  We quarantine new shipments to ease the stress of shipping and establish that the koi are healthy.  With hundreds of ornamental and higher quality koi, we have something for everyone.  Koi Country now has a large clientele spread over a 5 state area.  Our customers are our best advertisements.


What can we do for you?
     1.  give you accurate, scientifically sound information
     2.  explain how koi are priced
     3.  show you how to care for your koi and pond
     We share the knowledge that we’ve accumulated, what works and what doesn’t.

Books can be misleading.  For example, gravel in the bottom traps wastes in the pond instead of the filter.  Plant shelves are an invitation to predators to eat your fish.

     Tony designs filters that work.  What does gravity do to the solids in the water?  So, are you picking up the debris and heavy, dirty water from the bottom of the pond and sending it the filter to be broken down?

     In recent years there have been improvements in equipment and advancements in koi medicine.  It’s easier than ever to maintain clear, healthy water and to keep your “wet pets” healthy.


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