Koi Country sells high quality Japanese koi and the products to maintain them in a healthy environment.

Our number one product is accurate and scientifically sound information.  We'll explain the science behind a pond system.  Knowledge empowers you to master the art of koi keeping and pond maintenance.  If you have questions, we'll find answers and explain them to you.  We want you to know what we know. 

We sell the products we use.  If it doesn't work for us, we don't sell it.  We have products for almost every situation.  We'll explain what to use and how it works.

For example, we sell Hai Feng, a moderately priced food designed specifically for koi.  It not only enables good koi growth, but also provides nutrients to encourage health and enhance color.  The best part is the koi love it!  It's stood the test of time.

Koi health is important.  When you invest in a quality koi, you'd like to feel you have a reasonably good chance of keeping it healthy.  Observing your fish will allow you to spot a potential problem.  For instance, a stressed fish may lose its ability to fend off the bacteria in all ponds and to get an infection.  There are ways to intervene.

We design filters to be scientifically sound and easy to maintain.  A well designed system provides both biological & mechanical filtration.  It should clean easily only a few times a year.  Many of the systems on the market today don't meet those specifications.

consulting services available

  • Pond design
  • Troubleshooting (what’s wrong)
  • How to Fix It
  • Koi health/treatment
  • Koi appraisal 

    Pond System Components
    1. Pumps - Pond Master, Waterway, etc. 
    2. UV’s - Emperor and Aqua Aquatic
    3. Filters - biological/mechanical for your situation
    4. Skimmers - pot skimmers, Savio, others
    5. Liner - 45 mil Firestone UV protected
    6. Other plumbing
      1.  Pickups 
      2.  Valves
      3.   Flexible pvc/vinyl tubing
      4. Hai Feng koi food
      5. nets - up to 30"
      6. Water treatments
      7.  Dechlorinator that neutralizes chloramines, too 
      8.  Bacteria (BZT)
      9.  String algae control
        1.  Pond Force (costs less than Winston)
        2. pond block
      10. test kits
      11. medications
        1. Melafix
        2. Proform C - got parasites


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