Koi Country
Tony and Judi Krehbiel
18242 South Yale
Bixby, OK  74008
918-366-4119  (answering machine)
We are progressing toward shutting down.
Still open Saturdays 9-4

We may be able to stay open through August.

This is our 24th summer. We're no longer spring chickens.
It's time to let the koi business go.

Most tanks are buy 3, get 2 free.

There are only 10 connoisseur koi @ 1/2 price
in the big tank, 
including a beautiful Beppu showa.
There is still diversity in varieties in all price ranges though we are selling them quickly.

pumps, filter systems, and UV's are available at 1/2 prices

Do you need a better filter than your skimmer system?
Our easy maintenance and scientifically sound systems are becoming available at bargain prices as we shut down tanks.  Come check them out.

Thanks for your support and good wishes.
God is so good!!
We have scientifically sound information.  

Is your filter system picking up the dirty water that gravity is pulling to the deepest part of your pond?   Why not?

Mission:   to make available to our customers the highest quality KOI (nishikigoi) and pond products in today's marketplace. Our goal is to help our customers increase their knowledge, skill, and confidence to the level required to maintain optimum water and keep their KOI healthy and as long-lived as possible.

KOI Country also manufactures its own line of filters that work better than most commercial filters, cost less, and because they work better, require less frequent maintenance.

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